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Growing kids into creativity.

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Why Us?

A recent study found out that more than 80% of the people who are unhappy with their careers state that they never had a chance to explore their inner talents and abilities. At Dextered we aim to solve this problem by using the state of the art cloud based solutions that bring parents and teachers closer together to analyze and explore the students’ interests in the classroom. Dextered believes in Creative & Automated Assessments that help discover the potential of the student at an early age and provides guidelines on how to develop this potential into talent that can later on be used to build on a successful career.

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Connect directly with your students and their parents. Work with them one on one.

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Reach farther than you thought before. It’s easier than it seems.

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Make a bond that lasts a career. We’ll show you how it’s done.

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Simplicity gives way to creativity. We make it easy as cake.

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Never worry about another exam checking. Really.

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From Parent teacher communication to Exam Automation, We got it all covered.


At Dextered we are committed to not only revolutionize the education system by introducing Cloud Based Technology in the class rooms but we also aim to re-create parent teacher relationships in a way that the career success and talent development of the student is maximized. We are dedicated to bring creative and innovate assessment procedures that help the student learn a lot more easily as well as reduce the burden on the teacher so that more attention and time per student is given in the class.

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We are Best at

Creative Assessment
Train the Trainer
Educational Innovation
Exam Automation
Parent Teacher Connection


With the help of DexterED, we guarantee that no student will ever be left behind in the continuous struggle of academics and career. By reducing communication barriers, parents and teachers are brought closer as the two most important stakeholders of the students’ life and can discuss and help the student make important decisions about career and academia.

Teachers can now spend less time on exams and more time in the classrooms teaching as well as discussing.

Students learn more and are tested in an innovative and creative manner that helps them retain knowledge for a really long time.

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