IQ tests and achievement tests do not adequately capture non-cognitive skills personality traits, goals, character, motivations, and preferences that are valued in the labor market, in school, and in many other domains. The lack of adequate communication between the parents and teachers in the early developing years of a student’s life creates a lot of problems for students when they enter into the latter and tougher years of their educational life.

One half of Pakistan’s population is unable to read or write. Remaining half’s educational skills quality is insignificant [1]. However building an early base of skills that promote later-life learning and engagement in school and society is often a better strategy than waiting for problems to occur. Successful interventions at any age emulate the mentoring and attachment that successful families give their children. [2]


Our focus is improvement and innovation in education toward assessment and monitoring using new tools and incentives based on those results. Through our tools we would help in assessment and performance monitoring and parent teacher communication.