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A cloud software as a service connecting teachers and giving them tools to design and automate creative assessment. Edutron simplifies the process to create, test and evaluate the exams by reducing effort and time spent. The tool relies on its large repository of questions of varying difficulty levels and various types for all subjects that can be selected as per the requirement. After administering the test, its results are evaluated and reported automatically and can be customized into various formats for easy analysis.

The tool utilizes a mechanism of cross referencing that makes sure no two questions are the same and all the answers and solutions for the questions are accurately stored. In order to expand the repository of questions, every instructor that wishes to use the system will have to submit a certain number of questions to the repository. The repository will be accessible by instructors all over the world and would be available in various supporting languages for ease of access and use.


Key Features

Improve Learning and Teaching

Teachers get real feedback

Know content & objectives of their assessments

Why Edutron?

Leave no student behind

Collection of information for decision making

Teachers spend less time on Exams

Teachers spend more time in classes

Improved Adaptive Teaching

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Creative Assessments relies on the state of the art Cloud Based Technology that keeps everything in sync and up to date as well as securing the data and information of students and teachers.