Teachers + Parents


Well-informed decisions pertaining to selection of subjects leads students towards career paths of their choice but most of the times the students are not so sure. Incorrect decisions results in either subject/career switching or loss of interest and passion in the career. Dextered helps students make these decisions by re-creating parent teacher relationships and introducing them as career counselors and psychologists.

The tool aims to minimize parent teacher communication gaps by keeping every parent and teacher well informed about the academic performance and attendance of the student subject wise. The parent gets into closer touch with the teacher and can observe the day to day reports of his child. The teacher gets not only a holistic view of all their students but also student wise details.

Parents can request appointments, view notices sent by the teachers and stay up to date regarding the performance and attendance of their child. The teacher can act as a guidance counselor and educate the parents on the various subject options available for their child on the basis of the child’s own interest. This helps the child and his parents make well-informed decisions and helps to stop career/subject switching to a great deal.